In order to qualify for this scholarship the applicant must follow the requirements:

  1. Descendant of a person establishing residence in one of these states:
  2. Washington, Oregon, Idaho during or prior to 1885
  3. Montana – West of the crest of the Rocky Mountains during or prior to 1885
  4. Be a resident of Walla Walla County, City or Rural Routes of Dayton, Washington, or City or Rural Routes of Milton-Freewater, Oregon
  5. Attending an Institute of Higher Learning in the State of Washington or Oregon


  1. Fill out page with your full name and address and where we can reach you, etc.
  2. Include two letters of recommendation supporting academic and citizenship achievement.
  3. Your own letter of application listing your educational / professional goals, your volunteer and community activities; your organizational membership and offices held if any and honors, awards, or special accomplishments you have received.
  4. Complete “Established Resident Date” page. Attach documentation as proof supporting your ancestor established resident in the Oregon Territory during or prior to documentations date (s) circles
  5. Write your family history in story form. Make it interesting and grammatically correct.  Add pictures, if possible.  Detail your interest in family history, in relation to pioneers days, including how family history has influenced you, approximately two pages double spaced.
  6. Fill in ancestral Chart Page to the best of your knowledge. Your computer program is acceptable.  Mark a (*) at Ancestor (s) under whom you qualify.
  7. Send Copy of your student I.D. card
  8. Send copy of your high school transcript

ESTABLISHED RESIDENT DATE:             Circle date (s)   1853   1863   1870

Name                                                                    Relationship               Documentation attached
g ________________________________                gggg grandparent _______yes ________no

f ________________________________                 ggg grandparent    ____________________

e ________________________________                gg grandparent       ____________________

d ________________________________               g grandparent          ____________________

c ________________________________               grandparent             ____________________

b ________________________________               parent                       ____________________

a ________________________________               myself                       ____________________